Von Braun's Influence On The Space Program

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The excitement and involvement that the rocket team brought to Huntsville, Alabama ignited a new passion in the community for understanding and creating a connection to the science community and building a strong sense of innovation in the community. Von Braun and his team were able to create an environment where they were active in the community sharing and explaining their ideas to the general public. By reaching out to the members of Huntsville, Alabama, Von Braun and his team were able to carve out a niche for themselves as an essential part of the public landscape. Von Braun and his team helped create an image of Huntsville as Rocket City U.S.A. where unthinkable ideas were being put into reality. Through the work of Von Braun Huntsville came to call itself the “Space Capital of the Universe”. Von Braun and the United States Space Program…show more content…
Von Braun was an outspoken advocate of NASA and continued funding to maintain the space program for the long haul and not just for immediate exploration of the moon. Von Braun was faced with a disconnect amongst the American people dealing with their support of NASA when the Vietnam War occurred. Many Americans began to feel that the space program was a waste of funding and the money could be used more successfully elsewhere. Von Braun was adamant that the population understand that the innovation that comes along with building rockets that can go to space can translate to innovation for everyday objects. He wanted to ensure that “US taxpayers could see longer-term returns on their enormous investment in the Apollo

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