Describe The Essential Aspects Of A Self-Directed Active Learner

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1. Describe the essential aspects of a self-directed, intrinsically motivated, active learner? The active learners are mostly the motivated one and they are staunch supporter of learning new things. This means they do like the culture of change and want others to follow them in this regard. This is one of the aspects of the active learner. There are various other aspects of these people. For instance, they believe to pursue their goal by themselves. They try to deal with the complexities by themselves and know that the process of learning would give them the mental satisfaction. They are intrinsically motivated and do not learn something for the purpose of gaining some financial as well as non-financial benefits. The learning process gives them mental and psychological satisfaction. These are the crucial aspects of these learners. One can become an active learner if he is motivated from the core of his heart and believe in gaining…show more content…
The most crucial ones of them are: time management, always accepting the change, self-motivation, far-sightedness, and gaining experience of personal and professional life. The very first is very crucial for person to grow in his life. A person should know the importance of time in his life. If time is lost, everything will be lost. It can be implemented by segregating the time for each activity one performs during his life. The other one is accepting the change. This can be implemented only at the time when one is always ready to accept change and considers himself a student than a teacher. Self-motivation is another strategy that can be implemented when is charged to improve his living standard. Far-sightedness is another strategy that can be implemented by analyzing more and more information. One needs to be motivated to do. Lastly, one should learn new knowledge from some more experienced in a certain subject. By acting upon these strategies, one can attain personal

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