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Aruba Culture and Nightlife Aruba has a unique culture, shaped by its diverse population of locals and immigrants from around the world. Whatever your taste in food and nightlife, you’ll find something to your liking on this idyllic island. Make sure that you don’t miss out on the experience of a lifetime by booking your Aruba holiday with With great deals on Aruba flights, hotels and car hire, can get you there for less! Culture The Caquetío Indians of the Arawak tribe ( hailing from the South American mainland) were Aruba's first inhabitants. They migrated from western Venezuela to the island in 850B.C.E, to avoid attack from the Caribs. Aruba also has a colonial past, with European explorers first landing on…show more content…
About 86% of the population of Aruba are Roman Catholic, and traditional ceremonies typically have a Catholic origin or orientation. The island is also home to Hindu, Muslim, Protestant, Jewish and Confucian communities. Aruba’s official language‘s are Dutch and Papiamento – a Creole language that is also spoken on Curaçao and Bonaire – that contains elements of Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, English and French, as well as Arawakan and several African languages. English, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Spanish, and French are also commonly-spoken. Food and drink Food in Aruba has heavy Caribbean, Dutch and South American influences and typically consists of chicken, beef, or fish served with either rice or maize. Aruban specialities include keshi yena (cheese stuffed with spicy chicken or beef and then baked), stobà (lamb or goat stew), sopa di pompuna (pumpkin soup) and Ayacas (meat wrapped in leaves). Pastechi (a small meat- or cheese-stuffed pastry) and Cala (bean fritters) are two of the island’s most popular

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