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3.1 Starch and starch derivatives Starch is a polysaccharide composed by α-D-glucose units linked by α-1→4 and α-1→6 glycosidic bonds. It is produced and stored by all green plants having general chemical constitution (C6H10O5) n. Starch consists of two different polysaccharide molecules, one is the linear amylose and the other is highly branched amylopectin. The starch contains amylose is in the range of 20–30%, whereas the amylopectin is in the range of 70–80%. The structure and composition of starch varies with the source of the starch. Normally, the starch is a white powder. Starch is insoluble in cold water, ethanol, and most common solvents. Resistant starch (RS) is the starch which is not digested by pancreatic enzymes (amylases) in the small intestine. Resistant starch can reach the human colon where it will be fermented by different probiotics (Anal & Singh, 2007; Kulkarni, 2006). Resistant starch can be used to ensure the viability of probiotic populations from the food to the large intestine.…show more content…
In their study, large potato starch granules (50-100 mm), which were enzymatically treated to obtain a porous structure, were used as a carrier. Subsequently, amylose, the linear polymer of starch, was solubilized, cooled and precipitated over the bacteria-filled starch granules. Finally, the whole product, together with the growth medium, was freeze dried to a powder form. They found the encapsulated LAB can survive at least 6 months at room temperature under normal atmospheric humidity, and at least 18 months when

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