Reverse Logistics Case Study

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analyzed and interpreted in sub-sections 4.9a to 4.9o. 4.9a Reverse Logistics Costs : Factor - ' Top Management Commitment '. Table 4.9a. Reverse Logistics Costs: Factor - ' Top Management Commitment '. a Level of Importance. Not at all Important Least Important Somewhat Important Important Highly Important Total No. of Respondents 0 0 7 197 64 268 % Respondents 0.0 0.0 2.6 73.5 23.9 100.0 Note. a Level of Importance : Not at all Important to Highly Important. Figure No. 4.9a. Reverse Logistics Costs : Factor - ' Top Management Commitment '. A total of 64 SME’s (23.9 percent) responded that 'Top Management Commitment’ is Highly important factor of Reverse logistics costs.197 SME’s (73.5 percent) responded that ' Top Management Commitment ' was an important factor of RL costs. 7 SME’s (2.6 percent) responded that 'Top Management Commitment ' was somewhat important to RL costs.…show more content…
Remaining 2.6 percent indicating that Top management commitment is somewhat important for RL costs. Hence the Top management of the SME’s to give its commitment to Reverse logistics costs. As costs ultimately decide the end profits, it is very important to focus on this factor of RL. Top Management Support is one of most important factors in RL. The RL costs are influenced to a large extent by the Top Management. All the resources allocation is done by Top Management hence this factor is very crucial for the success of

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