The Importance Of Respect In Our Society

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What is respect? Respect is an aspect of ethics, a moral value that tells us that we should be nice, caring and good towards others. Showing respect towards other makes them feel special and valued so it’s usually something nice we can do for our community. I want to show everyone why we should think before doing or saying something that can affect another person. It is very important for people to show respect as it shows those around you that you value their opinion and encourages fruitful conversations. As human beings we should try to be the best we can be and act in a way we want to be treated. Respect is something that should be earned but also is something us as humans should give. A way to show respect to others is by letting them say what they think and…show more content…
Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. There was a study that asked if a mass murderer deserved as much respect as someone that saved 100 lives. The study showed that we don’t know exactly what made him do it but still they deserve respect because regardless of what he did, he deserves to be treated equally or you can just treat him indifferently. They also gave another scenario, there is a magician doing tricks, and he shows some to you he can earn your respect, but what if you find out he is a pedophile? You will still think it’s not true and maybe even feel like he was just wrong that one time and try to avoid the truth. This shows us how we can lose respect for someone that we feel we know their lives vs someone who we think is cool and we know nothing about them. You need to show respect in your life to succeed and be part of a healthy and good environment. Respect must be something taught at home and something we should all try to follow even if we don’t live in that particular environment. By showing respect you gain

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