Argumentative Essay On Body Image

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I was flipping through the pages of a magazine when an ad pops out at me. It was a Tom Ford men’s perfume ad featuring a supermodel in nothing but heels and jewelry. At first sight the ad really disgusted me. It was outrageous to me that a company would objectify women’s bodies to sell their product. How can this stuff even sell? Why women are merely reduced to their bodies as if that is all they have got and that is what men should want them for? I thought to myself. Ever since the advent of advertising, we have had so many egregious ads that would depict women in sexually objectifying ways. We are constantly bombarded with hypersexualized images of female bodies that we have become depressingly acclimatized to it. We live in a world where…show more content…
I cannot even recall the number of times I have scrolled through my Instagram feed and not felt bad about the way my body looks. It is not uncommon for girls and women to suffer from body-image struggles particularly when our society is obsessed with the perfect body but the reality is that this perfect body is impossible to attain. The type of woman that inundates our media landscape is the product of hours of in the makeup chair , surgical implants and days of photo-retouching used to sell products that tell men that if they buy that beer or cologne, chances are that they might attract that supermodel in the ad. It is obvious that this industry continue to thrive because it creates enough winners who have a vested interest in maintaining it- women who are willing to buy into objectification for a paycheck in return and corporations that are making millions of dollars by selling the bodies of those women. And with that commodification dehumanizing and devaluing women and girls all over the world, who can never be on equal footing with men because of the way a handful of women choose to represent

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