Essay On The Rule Of Law

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At the present, the problem of injustice and conflicts in our society, economy, and inequality occurs because of the lack of the rule of Law. In fact, the rule of law is the important factor to develop in many subjects. So, if our country lacks of the rule of law, it will lead to conflicts, and unrest and social inequality. If our society will be improved, it has to be remained on the base of justice and equality. The fact is that democracy, based on the rule of law is an addition, is what to solve these problems because democracy will be more reliable by the rule of law. The rule of law, therefore, means the principle of rules by using law in the personal benefits as righteous assistant, and community’s benefits. The rules of law base on good social and moral values which can help strengthen the democracy. It starts from the legislation, made for benefits of the majority of countries and released by the institution that is the representative of citizens from the election. Also, the enforcement of the law needs righteous, equal and balance processes and mechanisms taking loss prevention of injustice power. "The rule of law can be compared as cornerstones of democracy". That is, if the enterprise uses…show more content…
If not, this can cause conflicts in the society. So, the rule of law is to protect the basic right in politics, societies, education, economy, and people’s liberty as well as to limit the power of the state in many ways because the rule of law will help balance the power of the law, which the government cannot do as they please including checking works by the independent entity who come here in order to prevent corruption and clarify people how the government work. Because of above reasons, the corruption hardly happens in the law-is-law
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