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As a mature student i have gained a great amount of life experience that has encouraged me and made me more determined to undertake a course in social work. A few years ago i was a victim of domestic violence and with the right support from counsellors and victim support workers i was able to overcome this. It would be my dream to help others who are in similar situations and help them make decisions that could change their life for the better. I have always wanted to make a difference to people’s lives and I feel studying social work can help me achieve this by learning how to safeguard vulnerable people and provide them with the professional support they require. I feel social work opens up many opportunities for me to learn new skills that…show more content…
This experience sparked an interest into the social care sector and to further my knowledge i went on to study Health and social care at college. I have always been inquisitive to learn about people and their problems and i feel social work would be an ideal way for me to get a better understanding of the problems people face and how they can be helped. In the summer of 2013 I undertook voluntary work for 2 weeks for a local charity that supports women that are homeless, undertaking basic admin work and revising policies. This gave me an insight into the work that the charity carries out as well as raising my awareness and understanding of the importance of having such policies in place to safeguard and protect vulnerable people. Since October 2013 to present I have worked as a fulltime home care support worker. I support a range of clients in their own homes ensuring they can live as independently as possible by providing assistance with daily tasks such as personal hygiene, dressing, cooking and feeding and

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