Personal Narrative Daylight

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Daylight fades into the deep, striking black hue of night as the smoky aroma of freshly barbequed meat fills the air. I lean back in a rich, wooden lounge chair across from my cousin, who chuckles telling stories from her college years. Her cropped, sun bleached hair, which normally rests in a swaying shoulder cut is tied in a loose knot today. As our conversation continues, Anne jokes about how tall I’ve grown and laughs about her own short stature. Her brilliant, focused eyes shine amidst the dim lantern under the night sky. Anne wears a maroon sweater and a pair of faded jeans and as she speaks, a genuine smile emerges from her face. As the night turns darker, I continue to jot down notes. She describes her hobbies and inspirations, “It’s exciting to me to see new countries and cultures, but…show more content…
Looking back on her coming of age moment in college, Anne recognizes the impact that becoming more outgoing had on her life. Becoming more outgoing and open allowed for Anne to take chances in her work and life. “Don’t limit yourself,” she exclaims with passion, “Be open to new ideas, new opportunity, and new people… don’t be afraid to talk to people - you learn through talking to others” (Guo). Today, Anne’s outgoing personality has led to her position in her career and her relationships with her friends and family. Guo’s life was irreversibly changed by becoming more outgoing, social, and open to others and ideas. When asked what she would recommend to students today, she nodded as she replied, “Take new opportunities. Don’t afraid to talk, to laugh, to have some fun. Meeting new people will lead you to new places and new beginnings” (Guo). In her life, Anne challenges herself to break out of her fears and become a stronger, more powerful person. Guo’s college experiences shaped her into more social and outgoing person which led her to her life

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