High School Community Analysis

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It is my senior year in highschool, and as I look back at the years I have spent with my small town community I realize the amount of influence that different social groups grant upon others. Growing up with lots of different types of friendships has taught me many things about people and I have also learned a lot about myself. My friends have helped me through tough times, as well as put me into them. It’s sometimes a hard task to decipher who those real friends are, or which friends truly want the best for others. Tara and Taylor have been my friends for a couple of years now. We were on the same soccer teams growing up, and even rode the same bus. We never actually became close friends until my sophomore year summer when we started riding…show more content…
When we were younger we were inseparable. We had lockers next to each other, talked about everything together, and stayed at each other's house every chance we got. When we got into ninth grade we didn’t get to see each other as much. We were both much too busy with extracurriculars activities and hobbies. I was drawn to band, student council and being on the flag team, while she took interest in basketball and volleyball. Plus her being in dance classes left us no time to spend together after school either. High School became a testing time for our friendship, we developed different interests and both of us started to hang out with different crowds. She became a different person spending all of her time with “friends” that weren’t very good influences on her. She has always been older than me and always tested her limits a bit too much. No matter how much time passed or things that went on in our lives we could always get right back on track where we left off. From this friendship I see that even tho we have both taken very different paths, and have different interests, I have a great friend who understands me whom I could call at any time for anything. Along with my positive friendships comes ones that have had less fortunate outcomes. Sometimes I can't develope as close of a relationship with people because of the lack of

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