Empathy In Sympathy

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Human beings are kind and caring in nature. They exude a sense of compassion towards each other. This is called empathy. Humans care for one another and are mostly understanding. However, this not always the case. Sometimes due to adolescence or pure cynicism. This lack of empathy can cause challenges in social relations, rendering empathy of utmost importance. Hence, the characterization of empathy is prevalent in multiple works, including text 3 and 4. Text 3, a comic panel, exhibits the lack of empathy in a simpler manner. It shows the lack of empathy through a paranoid cynicist, a boy afraid of swimming who distrusts his lifeguard. It is later revealed that the lifeguard is also a cynicist, complaining about how she’s doing the job just…show more content…
Therefore the purpose is vital. The purpose of both texts are similar to some extent. The purpose of text 3 is to entertain, due to its format. However, another purpose is to demonstrate how empathy plays a strong role in our social relations. The author took serious subjects and made light of them through the comic, just to make it relatable and entertaining to readers. The author exhibited the lack of empathy through a realistic situation. Which would cause the audience to think, to feel, and reflect. The comic makes the audience live the comic from the perspectives shown, thus they would become more aware. This would cause the audience to be more empathetic. Text 4’s purpose is to educate and inform people in a poetic and artistic manner. The author displays how the narrator is happy and how the narrator accepts life throughout the poem . In text 4, the author shows empathy to other people as he looks back at his life. Though both texts’ purpose are similar, the means in which they executed their purpose is different. While text 3 emphasized the importance of empathy, by showing how the lack of empathy would lead to harmful consequences on a small scale. Text 4, however, shows the audience how empathy would make them feel better about life, and how much happier they would be were they to become empathetic. the Both purposes revolves around the same theme. Empathy plays a strong role in both
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