Egyptian Pyramids Research Paper

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Great civilization build great structures.If one were to partially base a civilization’s contributions to society on the structures they built,both the Mayans and Egyptians would be counted as worthy.Both of these civilizations have left a legacy which has lasted long after their civilizations: their great pyramids. At first glance, one might think these pyramids are the same.But taking a closer look reveals that Mayan and Egyptian pyramids are similar in purpose and permanence but quite different in construction method and physical appearance.The purpose of the Egyptian and Mayan pyramids are similar but there are a few difference as well.”The Pyramids of Giza” written by Helena Gustafson states, “The three pyramids at Giza were designed as monumental tombs for the kings of Egypt,to house their bodies after death and to help them achieve eternal life in the afterworld.”This means the afterlife and their rulers were so important to the Egyptians that they build these massive structures which stood up to 450 feet tall to memorialize their rulers and usher them into life after…show more content…
She continues,”Successive generations of travelers,invaders,and explorers have come across them and marveled:Ancient Greeks,Arab conquerors,even Napoleon,”This reveals that while entire civilizations rose and fell, the Giza pyramids continue to stand.Gustafson explains that,”The largest pyramid at Giza is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world that remains today.”It is inspiring to know that even today one can view the oldest structures of the Seven Ancient

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