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In the following report, the role of Physical exercise and Physical education has been examined with respect to the relationship between the Sports played and how this reflected on the ancient India’s culture. The Origins of some sports thought to have been started in India have been listed. There is also a study of the History and significance of Yoga in Ancient India Culture. The report also touches upon the various Heroes who were known for their physical strength and prowess. The report also throws light on the Tradition of Guru-Shishya relationships and the concept of Guru Dakhshina has also been examined while taking the example of Guru Dronacharya and his training of the Kaurava and Pandava Princes. Aim of the report: • To study…show more content…
But due to the publicity given by the Olympic Games every four years, and the bodily perfection attributed to the Greek Gods by the Western World, most people forget that India too played an important role in the evolution of physical fitness. By the time of the Greek Awakening in 800 BC, Indian Culture had already moved on from its fixation of the human body and the culture was focused more towards a metaphysical existence, rather than on material things. The Indian Psyche had been influenced to believe that a physical life was unreal and that people should focus more on thinking about how to attain life beyond death. Yet India is still known as the birthplace of Yoga. The knowledge about the spirit and body and methods which helped perfect the spirit and body evolved in India itself. This would not have been possible in an environment which was largely indifferent to physical education and physical exercises. Physical Exercise in India was seen not just as a pastime and a military exercise, but also was a way to bring about lightness, capacity to work, stability, immunity to ailments, elimination of morbidities as well as a good metabolism. Let us know look at some of the sports and games prevalent in Pre-Modern India. History of Sports in Ancient

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