Obesity In Australia Essay

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Childhood Obesity in Australia Introduction Obesity among the children is one of the major frightening concerns and issues of Australia like any other countries in the modern world. A child may be classified as obese when his or hers Body Mass Index (BMI) is above the desired levels which can be composed of the excess fatty tissue present in a disproportion state. Cole et al (2000) state that in order to classify a child as obese or over weight his/hers BMI exceeds the international limits for their gender and age related to the available BMI scores in a prevailing child community. It has been a major health issue of the many of the countries in the modern world and each country has been investigating the related issues and the steps to…show more content…
It is also apparent that the obesity rather than over weight is only affected to one by fourth of the children in Australia. It is also noted that the obese children reflects a less proportion comparing to the total overweight children and that ratio has been stabilized over the past few years. It is a matter of daunting that the Australian government should be paying more attention and research on this topic than the current…show more content…
It is so unfortunate that the children gets addicted to television; but for this we couldn`t just blame the kids as the parents would be majorly responsible for that. The parents also have addition and they spent hours in front of the television. Kids are copying their parents as they are their first line of sight and contact. Televisions pays a major negative impact on children’s normal physical appearance and it not only affects their body mass index but also it causes the children to make them watch more due to their obesity causing then deprived to do any physical activities.(Framingham Children’s study

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