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Rodeos have been a part of America’s heritage for thousands of years. To many, Rodeo cowboys and cowgirls are considered are not only an athlete, but an icon and an entrepreneur. The sport of Rodeo has a unique origin to which no other sport can lay claim (4). Rodeos emerged from the daily routine and tasks of a low paying job with long hours performed by ranch hands who came to know the animals very well in the way that they lived (4). These people chose to plan their recreation around animals they spent long hours with (4). Though ranchers enjoyed their animals, working with them was a skill and necessity. Riding bronco and roping calves was a part of the daily ranch life in the West. Being able to rope on the open range was essential…show more content…
The sport has experienced a substantial rise in popularity and it has become a competitive environment where athletes put skills against millions of unknowns and risks for a financial purse (7). However, cowboying has always been more of a way of life than an opportunity to become wealthy (4). The different contests are divided into two categories (4). One category includes the events that are scored by a judge (4). Some examples of scored contests are bareback bronc riding, saddle bronc riding, and bull riding (4). The other types of contests are the timed for speed ones. They include barrel racing, steer wrestling, and the roping contests (4). The contests in the sport of Rodeo were designed in respect and knowledge of the animal contestant’s capabilities (4). Many rodeos were built around standards that pertain to what’s known as Animal Welfare. Animal welfare is caring for and meeting the needs of animals, which is practiced in the sport of Rodeo (4). The bulls are considered to be the star athletes of every rodeo. If they do not perform well, then the events suffers. If the event suffers, the sport is hurt even more (5). Therefore, it is in the sport’s best interest to give their bulls premium care. Bulls, as well as other animals that perform in rodeos receive the best possible care due to strict animal welfare guidelines as well as their economic…show more content…
The flank rope encircles the body behind the flank but in front of the hips of a bull to help create a uniform bucking movement (8). Sharp triangles sticking out of the flank rope is a common myth that rodeos are scorned for. However, the PRCA governs the use of sharp objects on the rope. The flank straps must be fleece or neoprene lined with no sharp objects or edges (1). The strap is made out of a soft 5/8 inch cotton rope which is in no way uncomfortable for the bull during the 8 or less second ride (1). All the flank rope’s purpose is to “signal” the bull to buck (1). The bull kicks out of height just to try to dislodge the rope (8). The bull rope is the rope that the bull rider hangs on to throughout the ride (8). It is wrapped around the chest of the bull directly behind the front legs (8). At the bottom is a metal ball to give the rope weight so that it will fall off as soon as the rider dismounts the animal (8). The ball has smooth edges so that it doesn’t harm the bull in any way (8). Spurs are another significant piece of rodeo equipment that are criticized. The spurs do not cause pain, despite what the critics say. They also do not cause wounds, and many rodeos have regulations regarding their

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