Essay About My Grandfather

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This story happened in the late 1960s in the Soviet Union. Obviously, I am neither the major nor the minor character, as I had not been born by the time the story happened. This story is about my grandparents. My grandfather was 16 when he finished the school. His family lived in Chekhov, which is not far away from Moscow, and was quite big as my grandfather was the youngest one of three children. Granddad had two elder brothers: Vadim and Sasha. Although Sasha was two years older than my grandfather was, somehow he finished the school at the same time as my grandpa. They were eager to start a new life and their father came to them with a book, which consisted of all the universities and institutes of Moscow. My grandfather and his brother were asked to choose the future alma mater.…show more content…
Actually, he did not know what it was, but it sounded thrilling and he applied to it. His father found a tutor, who was supposed to help my granddad to prepare for the entrance exams. There were about three or four of them, but granddad took only Mathematics lessons in Moscow, as it was too expensive to prepare for all of them with a tutor. Anyway, the tutor made a mistake. The first exam was Physics and my granddad had prepared for Mathematics, so he failed. After the failure he could not be admitted to this institute. He did not know what to do. His brother Sasha decided to apply to Moscow State Institute of International Relations. It was the year of the opening of the Faculty of International Economic Relations and Sasha applied to it. However, he failed English entrance exam. Then he decided to apply to the same faculty in Financial Academy, but also failed English entrance exam there. He was lost and in case of not being admitted to any university, he would have gone to the Army as he was
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