The Importance Of Outdoor Play

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Froebel theorised that outdoor play has a significant influence on children and how they develop. He was known for his kindergarten, where children would grow and harvest plants, later using them to create something as he disagreed with the traditional method of teaching. This helped the children to have a better understanding of the environment and world around them, and grow to appreciate where things come from, thus being more stimulating for the children. There are many ways in which outdoor play benefits and affects a child's learning and development, some including developing the child's creativity, and also to explore. Outdoor play can have a great affect on a child's development, and not just their physical development, but their intellectual and mental. This is…show more content…
Indoor play can allow children to have periods of free play, but also structure play, and to have a balance of the two, where as outdoor play is dominantly free play. By having this balance, children will have important experiences of where they decide what skills they learn through free play, and also play designed to develop specific skills and to make them into productive members of society. Children pick certain skills to develop without knowing it, such as communication skills by picking role play. Free play allow children to develop skills such as problem solving, negotiation, social-emotional growth, and also collaboration. These are important skills for children to develop, especially to become productive member of society. Structured play enables children to do a range of activities which they might not normally get the chance to experience. This could then lead to them developing new skills. This is supported by Dyson M, from published January 2017 (accessed 04/02/2018), who states "UK children try a new activity every six months... 62% felt excited, 44% happy and 22% more

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