The Importance Of My Ethics

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My ethics are being developed daily, in the light of my youth; ethics for me are ever changing as I experience the world with its broad diversity in people beliefs and cultures. Seeing as my family does not actively practice a religion, I have relied on the environment and my family to help me develop a particular set of ethics that I adhere to. My family is the bedrock of my ethical development as they have by far had the most significant influence on me. From a young age, my parents ingrained into me four basic ideas that I base my ethics on today. These beliefs which I hold so dear are honesty, keeping my word, loyalty, and respect. When I was a young child, I often was caught telling tall tales or lies, as my lies became more outrageous so did the disappointment of my parents. Here begins the first ideal, honesty. "Honesty is the best policy,” and “if you tell the truth you don’t have to remember the details ” I was reminded of continuously. My mother and father believed if I were honest I would be more successful in life and I would be seen as having good character and being trustworthy. These are all adjectives I would want to be described as, so I remembered “Honesty is the best policy, “ even though I didn't always choose it. " Your word, your word is your bond," my Father reminded me every time my word or my…show more content…
I was taught to treat others around me with the same amount of respect no matter their social class, income, job, the car they drove, etc. I knew no matter who I was talking to they deserved my respect, that's something they earned just because we are all human beings and human beings are born with inherent worth, worthy of my respect. I am of the belief that respect shows someone I appreciate their value and being. I have been fortunate to live a privileged lifestyle and attend a parochial school that has taught me daily about respect both paying and being shown

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