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Silver Linings Playbook (2012) I have been putting off watching this movie for quite a while now for others. And now that I did finally see it I am pleasantly surprised. This has been the best movie that I have seen this week and that’s saying quite a lot considering I have watched The Big Lebowski, Sideways and Little Miss Sunshine in the last few days. I now have to put David O. Russell up there with the other Directors that I blindly follow Scorsese, David Fincher and Christopher Nolan. O'Russell brilliantly tells a heart-warming, yet complicated and hilarious tale, that leaves you on the edge of the seat I wouldn’t call this a rom-com rather a dark comedy and if you can relate to the weird then I am sure you’ll really enjoy this movie.…show more content…
Cooper plays Patrick "Pat" Solatano, a man diagnosed with bipolar disorder who has been in a mental health facility for 8 months. We learn that this is a plea bargain. Pat had caught his wife cheating on him and had nearly beat the man to death. He is still in love with his wife and harbours dreams of getting back with her even though she has got a restraining order against him. Cooper’s character is such that you begin out thinking that he is shit weird and then gradually you feel sorry for him and then you think he is just stupid. He reads books and wants to get back in shape for his wife Nikki. The obsession with his estranged wife drives him. Everything he does is to make himself look desirable to her. He is eccentric and clearly disturbed; wakes up his parents at 4 in the morning to complain about a book that he didn’t enjoy or to create a ruckus over not being able to find his wedding video which eventually ends up with him having a scuffle with his dad. Cooper’ acting is great and you can totally see the anger and frustration in his eyes in every scene. Pat reminds us of that one thing in life that we are all obsessed about at some point or the other and how we go to any lengths to get it even though it may not be the best for

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