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This is my ethical legacy to the world. I lost my Grandma 21 days ago. A mentor, a guide, a friend and a very dominant figure in my life. She was a very simple, conservative and traditional woman who used to say, “A person without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.” She would always expatiate about morals and values. She’d always expect her grandchildren to follow the morals she set for us and her mother set for her. I would never take her seriously, though I would respect her views. Her funeral was attended by more than 700 mourners who came to pay their respects. This included people whom I had never met; people who were distantly related to her; people who she had worked with; people who valued her deeds and support. What…show more content…
Her paragonal approach to problems was tremendous and effortless. I learned that it depends on how I evaluate a problem. It is not important to follow what everybody follows but I should believe in what I am following, keeping ethics, values and morals in mind before judging or deciding anything that would not only affect me but other people as well. I can still hear her dominant tone: “Sana, I know you have big dreams and aspirations and I pray to thy Lord to give you success but make sure, the freedom given to you is not misused. I will not elaborate on the ‘misuse’. You should be well aware of what is expected of you. Do not let your parents down. Do not let your morals down”. I did not live my life in moral or ethical isolation, but grew up within particular moral traditions. In the modern era, technology is affecting society in ubiquitous fashion while maintaining its upright position, and both science and technology are also being influenced by society. The morals and ethics I learned from my grandma can theoretically be applied in the modern actuarial world where insurance firms use different rating variables and look at related statistics when finalising the cost of a certain insurance

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