Essay On World Civilization

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WORLD CIVILIZATION NNODUM CHIKEZIRI 16100110530 MASS COMMUNICATION Man is described to be a social animal, as He is able to achieve more within a group than alone. And because He is able to think rationally and has a spirit element he is capable of abstract concepts and realities; Hence the birth of different civilizations to achieve His goals. According to the english dictionary, civilization can be defined as “An advanced state of human society, in which a high level of culture, science, industry, and government has been reached; those people or nations that have reached such a state; any type of culture, society, etc., of a specific place, time, or group.” In another sense, it can be seen to be the condition of a society and the processes leading to that condition. There have been different types of civilizations. For example, the Mesopotamian which is stated to be the cradle of man’s…show more content…
We are moving into a Global Economy which has been the trends since 1970s and even before that. And in future, as the world becomes more interdependent on each other for resources, trade, we are going to be bound by one economic interest and we will form one “Global Civilization”. We can already see that true formations of many union like European Union, African Union etc. Also, the popularity of the English language in the world. Almost everyone understands or speaks this particular language. English language becomes a means of communication that would help in upholding the dignity of man. Everybody has been influenced to a great deal by western culture through cultural imperialism. At the end of the day, it will be an urbanized, and westernized global world moving towards a better world to live in and a better economy will be what would bring all of it
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