President Hoover's Contribution To The Great Depression

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The period of the Great Depression is one of most hardest time in America history. The Great Depression happen due to the crash of the stock market in 1929, that ruin the US economy. The Depression devastated many Americans during the period, leaving people homeless. The current President Hoover, lack of involvement also contribute to the fall of America. Many people have to face/dealt the problem of no money and the lack of food for a decade until the Great Depression to end. One of the major causes of the Great Depression are the many people using bank money, therefore causing the loss of other people’s money to fall of the bank (O.I). The collapse of the bank led to many people barely have any money to provide themself or their family…show more content…
Hoover believe that money is the least concern of the Great Depression and that everyone should respond with generosity and self-help, which is illogical as everyone and America is affected in no money and hunger (Doc 1). Hoover’s statement isn't very support to the people that are in dire situation that are in need for help. It also may be because of this statement that contribute to the future election of President Franklin D. Roosevelt from Hoover respond to the Depression problem (O.I). Hoover is clearly unconcern with how America is falling throughout his time in office Although, Hoover didn't help the citizen’s problem, many outside sources help dealt with the struggles of the people in…show more content…
But, there were still generosity from some restaurant and donors that offer free foods, feeding thousands or more people help with the problem of the US hunger (Doc 3). The photo taken in 1932 during the Depression show both the enormous line of people need for food and amount affected. Yet Hoover doesn't help to stop the Depression earlier. Based on the large amount of people in line for food, mostly like can be made that most of them are force to be homeless due to the problem that they don't have amount sufficient food (O.I). The Great Depression is hard on everyone, even donations isn't a fraction to help the hungry people. The only who didn’t suffer was Hoover, that contributed none during the hard times. Sadly, the Great Depression was tragic time for the US history. The problem of the citizen with no money or food was problematic for a full decade with no help from President Hoover. At the same time, many did try to deal the people by protesting or by donations. By the time that new election has come, it is very understandable that the outcome of election wouldn’t be Hoover instead Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Depression was at least a mistake that we would learn from and a problem that would never occur

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