When The Going Gets Tough Analysis

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Erica is a main character on the show and is an Australian woman and is described by herself as a "political nerd". Erica eventually reveals herself as pregnant with Phil (II)'s child in "A Real Live Wire" and gives birth to a baby girl named Dawn in "When the Going Gets Tough". Erica is portrayed by actress Cleopatra Coleman. Season 1 & 2 Biography Before the outbreak of the virus, it is revealed in "Smart and Stupid" that Erica had traveled to Adelaide, Australia. While in Adelaide, Erica went to a bank and was found with money on her that she claims was not hers. Nonetheless, she also legally had a gun on her and was arrested for as what she calls an "armed misunderstanding". After getting out of jail, Erica received a job at the States Department, under the identity Amanda Williams, who is from Cleveland, Ohio and has a degree in political science. After the outbreak of the virus, she traveled to the White House, and met Gail Klosterman, whom is her "traveling buddy". Erica and Gail have admitted to experimenting with homosexuality while traveling. Erica and Gail traveled to Tucson in search of who wrote the billboards. They soon discover Phil after a fire he started in…show more content…
With Erica's birth pains from her contractions, Carol runs off in fear. Erica eventually passes out due to a lack of oxygen, but with the group all at her aid, they get her smelling salts to wake her up. They soon find out the baby isn't in the right position and must turn the baby around themselves. Gail, Todd, Melissa, and a now confident Carol help turn Erica's baby in the correct position with Carol providing commentary. They eventually turn the baby with Gail delivering the baby successfully. As the group expresses happiness and tears, Erica names her new baby girl, Dawn, because it's "the dawn of a new
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