The Importance Of Mobile Technology

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Mobile technology is the fascinating result of the evolution of the human mastermind, mobiles have made a revolutionary impact in lives, they have revolutionized the social, political and educational life, mobile technology enabled people to participate and take parts in events in the comfort of their house with only one click away. The last two decades witnessed a massive evolution in the cell phones industry in which different cellular companies compete to provide the furthest technologies that make life and tasks easier, according to pewinternet organization “it is estimated that 64% of adult Americans own a smartphone, while 90% own a cell phone” generally, it is also estimated that there are five billion mobile users all over…show more content…
According to Naughton, J. (2012, May 6), “it was estimated that 4 billion people use texting in their daily communication.” However, by taking a closer look into that statement, it is soon realized that texting and emailing has deprived people of feeling one another, of expressing their affections towards one another, they have created a sense of hopelessness and inability to express a person’s thoughts and feelings. Texting is often accompanied by confusion and the false sense of obligation, where someone might feel the obligation to reply a number of messages if they’re frequently sent by the same person. Also the lack of face to face communication adds psychological distance between people, as such communications are the establishment of human cooperative behavior. Moreover, according to Christopher R. Long in 2013 “stated that the never ending conversations and texting create hypertension especially at a time when people need solitude for self-development”. As a result individuals are no longer able to connect with one another emotionally in person, they became unable to enjoy the company of others without the obligatory feeling of having to reply texts. Family time has become a mobile based…show more content…
Electronic learning is the alternative of the classroom learning and it is usually applied in universities and high schools. On the contrary to that belief in 2010 a Canadian study issued a research stating that teens who have more frequent cell phone usage performed worse on their exams and made more frequent mistakes leading to academic declination. More teens are showing lack of correct grammar and spelling by using texting writing way in formal writings. Another issue with the Electronic learning is the lack of face to face communication which is essential in the learning process and the lack of sufficient student support. Therefore the virtual learning via texts or emails is not sufficient for the knowledge acquirement needed for higher levels of education and does not provide the student with enough

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