The Importance Of Mixed-Use Development

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Density can be defined as a measurement of number occupants per unit area. Density=(Total Occupant)/(Land Area) Gross Density=(Total Occupant)/(Land Area for Residential) Nett Density=(Total Occupant)/(Land Area for Residential according to Phase) Jane Jacobs, 1961 Based on Jane Jacobs, 1961 planning principles, high density is not same with overcrowding. Overcrowding can defined as 1.5 persons per room. Besides, Overcrowding can happen at low density and high density areas. Overcrowding at low density area is due to factor of poverty. Based on Jane Jacobs study, high population density in an area may not lead to slums. Greenwish Village is example of successful study of high population density do not lead to slums while Roxbury is unsuccessful…show more content…
Based on Jane Jacobs and Oscar Newman, the mixed-use development is preferred due to safety and secure factor. Jane Jacobs, 1961 According to Jane Jacobs, a mixed-use development is a city consists of residential and commercial buildings. Besides, the city also should be mixture with old and new building. It is important to equilibrium the slum area in a city. A new building will be higher rent while old building is low rents. The rental is depended on the construction cost of the building. The mixture of new and old building is economic necessary and needed for diversity. Jane Jacobs prefer more mom & pop type business and growth of small enterprises in a city. It helps to increase attraction of residents and visitor to keep their eyes on street of neighbourhood. Hence, pedestrian who use the sidewalk or strange street will feel safe and secure. An urban vitality is creates through mixed-use development. A city with clear mark of public and private area will increase safety. A mixed-use development city is important for primary use. For example, education, work and public areas. It is important to attract people and conduct activities at that area at different time. So that, the area will be in vitality. It also will strengthen people eyes on sidewalk. Moreover, Jane Jacobs had made a study city park as a vital part of neighbourhood to attract more people but the result is not very

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