Relationship Between Ecology And International Law

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The first issue addressed will be regarding the ecological issues. It is known for a fact that the environment on a global scale is rapidly changing as a consequence of science and environment. According to the United Nations Declaration (1972), maintenance of the human environment is a concern of mankind. The first question that arises is what are the issues that the world is facing? On a whole, the world is “facing extreme climatic changes”, environmental degradation as a result of pollution and several shortages on water, food supplies. This is a consequence because of human overpopulation, Nano technology, intensive farming and nuclear issues. Therefore, there is a need for such factors to disappear and thus a need for preservation. It…show more content…
Arnold Toynbee stated that Man is getting out of harmony with nature. There is a need to explain the terms of ecology and international law in order to relate each other. Therefore, Ecology can be explained as the science of “correlation between all organisms living together to their surroundings” . There are several meanings given to explain ecology. In one manner, Ecology is defined as the “essence of ecology lies in giving value to the habitat as cause and the community as the effect, where they constitute a unit process” . Here, international law can be related to ecology because international law aims to govern the association between the state and the people. It mainly achieves to attain harmony and peace among people. It can be said as an approach that is based on scientific evidence and experiences with the principle of unity in diversity. International relations pose two issues that interact with each other. One is the sovereign dominated international order which drifts states and its people apart. The other is the biological and sociological needs that require international cooperation between the people and the states…show more content…
International law plays various roles when it comes to identifying law and order. It reaches out to determine global relationships and problems associated with it. But it is also concerned with laws relating to airspace and also the way humans adapt with the environment. Thus, the theory of law will be concerned with the working of law in the global terms. It is known that the function of international law is to maintain world order. Such maintenance is possible only with global cooperation. It can be understood that the current law involve a lot of interaction with the people and the states. A main function of this contemporary law is to maintain the stability of the biosphere. Such a method can form the idea of ecological jurisprudence. It can authorize the state’s responsibilities in such a way that it is the responsibility of the state to maintain a stable ecosystem. According to Toynbee and Einstein, by understanding the ecological context, international law can identify a connection between the intellect and the trans-rational faculties . This kind of connection and ecological jurisprudence will promote an ecological thinking of mankind. Any change in environment and trying to adapt to such a change are important for fundamental understanding of international

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