Personal Narrative Essay: The Dangers Of The Winter

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Ever since I was little, I had always been warned about the dangers of the cold. Whenever winter had come rolling around, I was bundled from head to toe with layers of warm clothing. Since I was always covered with bright, neon fabrics, I felt invincible to the cold. Everytime I stood outside at my bus stop in the icy month of February, I felt nothing, believing it was all my doing. In reality, I felt nothing because of my parent’s careful practices and warnings. The icy touch of the winds would bounce off the pink nylon sleeves and pick at the thick cotton of my hat. As a child I had always found myself superior to the cold, believing that I had developed a tolerance to the tempestuous winds outside and that my skin was made of steel. Growing up, I believed I was a God. As the years went on, my parents grew less persistent on their warnings, believing I was mature enough to take care of myself. To them, a teenager was as good and mature as an adult. But what they didn’t know, was that I was a teenager who still felt the superiority of my younger self, stuck in the mindset of a child.…show more content…
Even at five in the evening, dusk had already set in and painted a muted black across the sky. Clouds dusted the sky as well, making patches of the sky more gray than others. It was snowing, flurries of snow falling at a rapid pace; it coated the road and the cars in a thick sheet of white. I was in a rush, having just woken up from a nap with twenty minutes left to get to my music school just ten minutes away. But, knowing my father and I, we would leave the house with five minutes left. Being the person I am, I offered to clear off the snow from the windshield and the back window of the car. My dad had quickly agreed, knowing he still had to finish a project from work before driving me to my violin

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