The Importance Of Leisure Time

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The activities and entertainment people use in their daily lives nowadays hasn’t always been in effect. Leisure time wasn’t really introduced until after the first World War where people had more time and money for different activities. Leisure is defined as time spent having fun, a lot of what we take for granted today was just being introduced starting in the 1920s. There have been so many inventions, influential people, and just a change in the way of the ordinary life that really made an impact on Americans due to leisure activities. During this time period there was a decrease in work hours and Saturday’s were then introduced as half days. Another very influential factor in the cause of more leisure time was the progressive movement,…show more content…
People listen to music daily most have strayed away from the radio and now use an auxiliary cord to listen to music straight from their phones. Some may say movie theatres aren’t as popular with the new way of watching movies and TV shows known as Netflix and Hulu. Every night of the week there is some kind of sporting event on the TV and many different shows for entertainment. Many more people are glorified in 2018 for different things, artists are well known and writers or authors are very popular today as well. Overtime with the addition of these forms of entertainment concerts for musicians became an activity that many Americans took part in. Books became more popular as well and not only in the form of education people genuinely enjoy reading novels as a way to pass time. Technologies are way more advanced since the 1920s which gives our generation more freedom in what we choose to do in our free time. Racism and sexism isn’t as dominate as it was in the past, some may say these two issues still exist but it’s nowhere near how it was back in 1920. Technology is only becoming more and more advanced everyday someone is coming up with something to improve or make the life of the Americans easier. I’d say leisure activity isn’t as praised now as it was back in 1920, unfortunately with the improvements in technology kids are drawn inside playing various games whether…show more content…
Kennedy was moving his way through his political career, he met the soon to be First Lady of the United States, Jacqueline Jackie Lee Bouvier. The two met when John was still a congressman and on his way to being senator. Jacqueline Bouvier was a photographer and had her own column for the Washington Times-Herald newspaper. She covered many pivotal moments in history (interview with Richard Nixon, Dwight D. Eisenhower’s first inauguration, Queen Elizabeth II coronation, etc.) and would soon be led to politics that involved Kennedy. Kennedy and Bouvier wed on September 12, 1953 at St. Mary’s Church in Rhode Island. Around this time, John had severe back pain from previous injuries from sports and war. He went under two surgeries and while in recovery, Jackie Kennedy encouraged her husband to write a book, Profiles in Courage, that would later be awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1957. Around that same time, the two welcomed their first born, Caroline Kennedy. A few years later during Kennedy’s presidency, they welcome their second child, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr in 1960. Caroline and John Jr will later on be involved in politics and follow in the footsteps of their

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