Persuasive Essay On The Death Penalty

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The death penalty is something that has been used to punish those who commit crimes that are seen as worthy of death. Its ethics are something that have been being debated over for just as long as it has been around. Its generality has become hoary in the past couple of decades as its purpose has become questionable. Is the death penalty honestly being used to justifiably punish people, or is it being used as a means by government for other, unethical reasons, that go beyond the concern of whether someone deserves to die because of a crime they committed? Do we as humans have the right to decide who deserves to die and who doesn’t, and if so, how do we decide? We don’t have the right to decide. It isn’t ethical for humans to choose if it…show more content…
It’s quick, efficient, and it puts people off the street who honestly shouldn’t be there. It seems to be a way to give to them what they asked for and the only way to truly punish them to a great enough extent for the crime they have committed. Nevertheless, none of that justifies our actions. Because someone else made poor decisions, does that mean we should do the exact same thing back? No. We have no right to take someone else’s life, just like they had no right to take the life of the person they killed. No matter what the sin committed against us is, we shall turn the other cheek and be the bigger people. Our lives can’t be spent hiding under the mask of justified murder, they must be lived in a light that enlightens others and makes our world a better place to be in. The death penalty is effective at killing a bunch of people so that our government doesn’t have to deal with them and provide for them anymore, not at creating a safer and enhanced comfortable society. It is avoidance of problems that need improved solutions. It doesn’t respect the life of the criminal or their family. It gives them the rest of their life behind bars with an uncomfortable bed, repulsive food, and indecently small quarters to live in until the day they are taken to say their last

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