Effects Of Violence Against Women Essay

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One out of every three women have been abused by an intimate partner. The Middle East is the major area where violence against women is very common. It still affects women today and some people do not know that this is a problem. Abuse of women can occur in lots of ways, it is most commonly seen in relationships, and some acts are very severe and lead to death. Violence against women happens in so many ways. There are types of violence or abusive acts that are more common than others. Rushfan, an author, wrote an article that was published, about “Seven Terrible Abuses Suffered by Women Around the World.” In that article, he stated that two thirds of women trafficked in Eastern Europe are prostitutes. In the European Union nearly 500,000 women…show more content…
These forms of murder are often considered normal or reasonable. They do not believe that they are doing anything wrong. In the same published article written by Rushfan, there were violent acts against women that lead to death. One act in his article was honor killing. When shame is brought to a woman’s family, they will murder her, this is known as honor killing. It may be a result of the woman refusing a marriage, wanting a divorce, or being in a situation where she was sexually assaulted. The family believes that this act is not considered murder and is morally acceptable because the woman has dishonored them and she deserves it. Another life threatening type of violence against women is bride burning. A woman will be drenched in fluids such as gasoline or kerosene, then the man or his family will light her on fire. This could be the result of a woman refusing to marry a man or refusing to give her husband what he wants. It is most common in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The United Nation International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) reported that in India alone over 5,000 brides are murdered each year. This is usually a cause of problems with dowries, or money that a bride gives to her husband when they are married. Violent acts against women can be fatal or very scaring physically and
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