Epicurus Vs Absolutism Research Paper

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In Ancient Greece, a hierarchical class system existed. The upper class were symbolised as the leisure class, who were very powerful, and possessed the maximum control over the country. This elite group of people were free to devote their free time to contemplate the meaning of life, made possible by the work of the lower classes and slaves, who undertook the necessary menial materialistic tasks, considered inferior to the privileged upper class. Leisure, was at the core of aristocratic culture, and paved the way for many great philosophers through intelligent discussions. Two of the most influential philosophers were Aristotle (384-322 BCE) and Epicurus (341-270 BCE) who were influential in defining how a human being spent their leisure…show more content…
(Pike, 2008, p. 22). Epicurus believed all not just the wealthy, could achieve this. His philosophy was that by engaging in simple pleasures such as conversation, and living by modest means, helped to attain, and maintain, this state of mental and physical equilibrium. However, on the surface Epicurus theory appears simplistic and achievable. Nevertheless, it could be argued that if you are poor, and short of food, then it is probable that your anxiety levels would be heightened, and you would certainly not be in a jubilant mood to engage in light activities, or conversation. All problems that did not concern the wealthy social- leisure class. The Ancient Greeks perception of leisure influenced the lives of the Romans, who again, were an elite and well-educated race. This affluent group of people were fortunate, in that they were able to make the choice on when to take their leisure time. (Price, 2008, p, 84). They belonged to an exclusive social world, and were extremely class conscious. The Romans enjoyed intellectual, and philosophical, conversations. Literature was a favourite for reciting and performing at dinner banquets, to which the lower classes were not

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