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Water is the only substance which is abundantly available in the earth. Above 71% of earth is covered with water and in human body almost consist of 70% of water. It is an essential constituent of all the animals and vegetables matter and forms about 75% of the matter of earth’s crust. It is only naturally occurring compound that has three forms of matter e.g. solid liquid and gas. Water is distributed forms i.e. rain water and mineral water. Water is the source of life and energy but millions of people worldwide are suffering with shortage of fresh water and clean drinking water as it is a universal solvent, it can dissolve almost all compounds in it. And due to this reasons, all types of chemicals which contaminate the pure water. Also dissolve in it, and causes many dangerous and hazardous effect on living bodies and on our environment. Contamination of solids, ground water, sediment, surface water and toxic chemicals poses significant problems for both human and environment.…show more content…
Water pollution is the leading worldwide cause of deaths and diseases that it accounts for the deaths of more than 1400 people daily. The main source of fresh water pollution can be attributed to discharge of untreated sanitary and toxic industrial effluents, Dumping of industrial wastes and run off from agricultural fields. There are two main sources of water pollution • Point source • Non- point source Point pollutants are such type of pollutants that belongs to single source. Non-point pollutants are that type of pollutants that belongs to or emitted from multiple source Main Causes of water pollution includes:  Urban development  Chemical fertilizer and pesticides  Burning of fossil

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