The Importance Of Mechanical Engineering

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What They Do Mechanical engineers solve problems with mechanical and thermal devices. To do this they may have to do a minor adjustment, or they may even have to redesign the entire device or system. They will then test the device to see that it is working properly. If it is not they must problem solve once again to figure out why it is not working. They also analyze test results from the machines the work on to make sure nothing is going to go wrong in the future and to see if it needs maintenance. Mechanical engineering is a very broad field of engineering. They work on many different things that may seem completely unrelated to the job. Computers are a huge part of mechanical engineering because all of the data and testing happens on them.…show more content…
You must have a bachelor’s degree, or 4 years of college. Within these 4 years some of the courses you must take are: mathematics, physical sciences, engineering, and design. Each of these courses are very important to this occupation as you will use the skill you learn every day if you become one. Education isn’t the only thing you need to become on though; you must also have very specific qualities to ensure that you will be able to get the job done. Creativity is a big part of being any type of engineer because if you are not creative you won’t be able to design or create anything very well. You must be able to problem solve as well which goes together with creativity because it is much easier to solve a problem if you are open minded and willing to try new things to solve that specific problem. There are also many high schools that provide engineering programs to help you get that extra step so that when you move on…show more content…
This usually isn’t true though as many mechanical engineers work in offices and rarely visit worksites. This all depends on where you are working and what you are working on. Mechanical engineers work on very big projects and they cannot do it all on their own so they collaborate with other engineers and professionals to get the job done with as few problems as possible. Hours will always be different depending on where you are working. Generally mechanical engineers work full time and work at least 40 hours a week. Pay Pay for a mechanical engineer is nothing crazy, but it is good pay. Starting salary for a year usually starts around $54,000. The median annual pay is $84,000 but it doesn’t stop there. The top 10% of mechanical engineers make above $131,000 which is good. Job

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