The Importance Of Jihad In Islam

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These days violence has become the essential part of religion. There are many believers who had taken the path of violence in the name of religion. In fact, no religion in the world calls for violence. The religion is to protect lives, not to shed their blood.The violence within religion for any reason is undesirable and against the belief. Every religion in the world call for an action with peace rather than anger. In Islamic community they used the word jihad for their violence. But, according to Islamic rule the jihad should be conducted with peace. A movement can be termed jihad only if it follows the conditions set by Islam for example the path of peace.In the Islamic community the war that begins for the protection of religion leads…show more content…
The Muslims who use to take the path of violence had never realized that the core of the Islamic community is peaceful. There is no religion in the world that gives permission for violence instead they ask for self defense. The religion insists for self defence with peace. In many countries the real meaning of religion and its beliefs are misinterpreted by the people that leads to great revolutions. Particularly, in Islamic religion the misinterpretation of the word jihad leads to terrorism. It is the greatest revolution which the world had ever seen. The word jihad means struggle for being patience in Quran but, nowadays it is literally being used for war in the sense of launching an offensive. The terrorism that has taken in the name of jihad had become the…show more content…
“ He presented a formidable model to a young man who idolized him and hoped to equal , if not surpass, his achievements” (Wright, 71). Mohammed bin Laden, who came from a remote valley in Yemen had become a most important and wealthiest man in Saudi Arabia with his determination and good decisions. Mohammed was the one who got really benefited with the ARAMCO company in Saudi Arabia. He started his career as a bricklayer in ARAMCO. But, with his hard work and intelligence he established many companies and other enterprises that owns more than 300 million dollars. Mohammed had a great role in the growth of Saudi Arabia. He had initiated many renovations and plans that results in a historical Grand Mosque, Prophet’s mosque and other prestigious buildings in Saudi Arabia. “ It was during this period Stalinesque architectural style began to assert itself…….could ever be granted in the Kingdom” (Wright, 77) However, instead of controlling and supervising Mohammed used to work along with his workers sometimes. He loved his work and had never shown any reluctance to do any sort of work. Mohammed was brave and adventurous. He was always been there with the royal family at the time of their needs. As a result of his honest work and intelligence, he was rewarded with the special permission from king to fly above the Saudi Arabia to survey his projects. He was a modest and noble man. Apart from having a luxurious life,

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