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The man perfect in any criteria Of course, we are not against of pretty PECs and a few chocolate bars. But our criteria for Prince charming are any other... 1 / it is charming Let us face: the perfect man is nice to look at. The physical count. You can sleep with a guy that you have trouble watching? I do not speak of obvious beauty but this small charm that does not leave your panties intact. So it's not necessarily a handsome (nothing more annoying than a guy physically zero defect), but it has this little trick and more. You know, that little dimple on the cheek, this mole, or even this smile. 2-of also the perfect man doesn't like soccer, video games (or kebabs) Is there a need to say why? However he loves film (and not only Bruce Lee), music…show more content…
in half in his bed! So farewell the depressive, the connected H24 with work... It wants the quip of the easy valve, make us laugh, brothel! And above all, above all, he must understand your humor also. A guy who takes everything in the first degree, it is not worth it! 7 / there's self-confidence nothing worse than a guy who constantly doubt it! And that should comfort like a lamb. But also not too... There is nothing more painful than to be with a guy arrogant and too assertive. 8 / it is open Culture, passions, others... We want a guy who is interested, that way a bit of his bubble! And when it is said that it focuses a little, it is not only soccer, video games, and motorbikes! 9 / it has balls Good, it generally, there is not too many problems on the physical point. But it must be especially a guy who wants (balls?), which has the appearance that initiative alone, which can surprise you offering you a wee Kane at Dunkirk, which fully assumes its opinions, which can defend yourself, protect you... A guy who knows how to take your party even before his mates. But point too is necessary. A ready to jump to the throat too full of testosterone guy 10 / there a few

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