Compare And Contrast Islam And Christianity

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Muslims and Christians have lived side by side for many centuries in much of the world and the history of the interaction of the world’s two largest religions is long and varied. Both carry historical wounds that affect contemporary relationships. “The holy wars of Christianity and Islam, crusade and jihad respectively, represent a conflict of ideology between two Abrahamic faiths…For a religious contrast, where Christians viewed Muslims as worshipping a false god through a false prophet, the Muslims were more concerned with the Christians' use of anthropomorphic imagery for veneration.” These wounds and differences need to be understood and addressed before any hope of establishing a working relationship between the two can begin. Unfortunately, most followers of these two religions know little about the other. Islam and Christianity each claim that the truth they affirm is universally valid and significant for all humankind. Both Muslims and…show more content…
A rescued person is humbled by their experience, but a successful person will tend to feel superior and proud of their success. From the perspective of Islam, the losers are the humiliated ones, but from the perspective of Christianity, the saved are the humbled ones. These deep differences in understandings about the human problem and its solution mean that Islam and Christianity produce quite different values. Success or Salvation It is commonplace for those who make comparisons between faiths to mix up concepts from different religions. A Christian might ask about the Islamic view of salvation, or a Muslim might ask how Christians understand success. Yet such questions cause confusion, because the fundamental outlook in the two faiths is so different. Yes, Islam has an understanding of salvation, just as the Bible has an understanding of success. But the basic outlook in Islam is not oriented to salvation, nor is Biblical faith based upon

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