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Mudik or Pulang Kampung originally means activity of migrant worker called merantau in Bahasa to return their hometown to celebrate Idul Fitri (Lebaran in Bahasa) with their family, the religious feast in Moslem calendar. There is no idea when this tradition begins exactly in Indonesia. Today mudik or homecoming, not only affiliate with Moslem, but it has been practice in other religion and become national tradition in every Indonesian religious feast day event. While according to demography, mudik phenomena linked with urbanization, the reality doesn’t always cause negative image. Mudik impact in positive way was increasing the regional economic. Pemudik (people from overseas) or perantau (migrant) commonly carry money and things called remitan (remittances) to their hometown. During religious feast day, mudik activity estimated more then 15 billion people and tends to increase every year. If each person expended 1 billion rupiah in hometown, therefore about more than 15 trillion rupiah extra money…show more content…
How both of tradition and culture perceived as Indonesian national identity could strengthen religious social life in Indonesia. Second, topic discussion will focus on mudik tradition in Indonesia feast day. The third part of the paper deals with the impact of mudik tradition on social harmony in Indonesian society. This part, will explores why people are willing acquiesce their riches to whole family in their hometown during working overseas? Whether, it has means only symbol of success or mudik tradition have deep root of culture in human relation to help each other by shared prosperity? Furthermore, this paper has also elucidated exactly how this tradition had effected on family bonding that reflects the values of civilization. However mudik has influenced every generation as part of religious social life and the reflection of cultural identity in

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