Liberalism In Islam Essay

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Comparison with other countries that are liberal in Islam. When discussing about liberalism in Islam, there are various nations that can be mentioned which had practiced liberalism, such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Tunisia, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Albania, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon and Egypt. Many issues can be advanced regarding the issues of liberalism, such marriage, lifestyle, rights as a Muslim, and trend of dress that is appropriate for women to wear in public. Turkey, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia can be pronounced and declared as the most tolerant Muslim countries, yet also secular Muslim nations. Every bit the foremost topic to compare is on the topic of LGBT. Being a gay is not a criminal offense in several…show more content…
For information, Indonesia is the land which holds the longest established LGBT organizations in Asia. Indonesia has remained a great example of the importance of the separation of religion and state, even they are having the largest Muslim population. The countries who are nearby to Indonesia, have the laws that considered to be a gay as crime, Malaysia and Singapore used to be colonized by the British Empire. Even though Singapore is a non-Muslim nation, but the country does not legally recognized the right of…show more content…
From the year of 2011 to 2013, there a survey conducted in seven majority-Muslim nations conducted by The University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research shows on how widely the female attire opinions are differ in the region. The seven majority-Muslim nations are Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq and Turkey. By showing the respondents the panel, the researchers asked them a question on which one of these women is wearing a proper attires at the

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