Importance Of Faithful Friends

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When God created his creation, he gave very special qualities to human beings, like knowing the difference between right and wrong – which angels don’t have. They only have to follow the right things. And animals only follow their wishes, that is what the animal wants. But the human beings have both qualities. To know ourselves and to know these qualities. When we become aware of these qualities, we become a faithful friend. We come to love humanity, to love human beings, and animals and planets. The concept of faithful friends is the concept of God. Much of this coheres with my observation of the conduct of the group, including their Muslim members. The fact that their sessions began with prayers in various religions shows the respect…show more content…
That is because it is recognised that good neighbourliness thrives on goodwill and not on the ownership of rights. A similar commitment to the public good and human social values can be seen in the literature relating to the mosques involved in Faithful Friends. For example, Muhammad Tahir-Ul-Qadri, (Shaykh-Ul Islam), the Founder of Minhaj Ul Quran, one of the Mosques involved in Faithful Friends, has written extensively on the importance of serving humanity. In his book Islam on Serving Humanity, he quotes several Quranic text and several hadiths to support this point. Here is one of the hadiths he quotes on this matter: “O Messenger of Allah! Such-and-such a woman is popular for plenteous and abundant praying, fasting and charitable donation, but she hurts her neighbours with her tongue”. He said: “She is one of the people of the Fire”. That person submitted: “O Messenger of Allah such-and-such a woman is known for insufficient praying, limited fasting, and even giving a few pieces of cheese as a charitable donation (sadaqa), but she does not hurt her neighbours with her tongue”. He said: “She is one of the people of
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