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Education is the key to progress. Our country is still lagging behind many other small countries because we have not yet realized how important it is to have an educated crowd in the country. Many still are arguing over the fact that education is a birth right, it is also important to note that it is this education that is going to empower so many thousands of youth in the country. 1. The linguistic education: in a country as India it is very important for one to have knowledge in many languages to survive the differences when seeking opportunities beyond physical boundaries. As the youth of the country they must have command over multiple languages so as to help and guide the country into success in the future. Restricting them between the walls of their room is wasting the potential they have within them. Encouraging them to move out and mingle with the cultural differences they find can help them grow up with an open mind and ultimately lead India into being a land of cultural diversity with harmony in the future too. 2. Throwing reservation systems: Establishing the right to education act uproots the very basic need for reservation systems. While the idea of reservation started during the period of early independence today the country has transformed into a different society. Such reservations have now become…show more content…
Working on the nuts and bolts: India is blessed with resources compared to many other countries. We also have the youth power who can provide dedicated service and knowledge for the development of different methods and technology for our well being. By making use of the human resource we are gifted with it is possible to transform the country into a manufacturing Hub. This will turn the focus of the world on us and we become more self reliant than before. Starting from food processing as India is basically a farming country to automobile manufacturing and even focusing more on tourism and cultural wellness we can lead the country to a great

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