The Importance Of Internet Marketing

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Social media Social media is not only the most important form of internet marketing but also the most damaging. It allows for interaction between organisations and consumers and offers a user friendly platform, information can be shared and feedback becomes available for everyone to see, making it either good for business or potentially damaging. On another note social media offers organisations and destinations to build a stronger brand image. PPC/ Pay per Click This marketing tool is the only one that includes costs for the organisations. It is where an organisation or destination positions key words onto affiliate websites. The more money they pay the more the advertisement pops up. This is also the hardest form of internet marketing as…show more content…
Now more than ever, the internet plays a major role in the accomplishments of destinations. Destination management organisations give consumers a platform which allows them the access to information, the role of the internet in DMO’s gives them a higher chance of reaching potential consumers. Pike (2008) states that DMO’s are solely responsible for marketing the particular destination they reside in. In theory this would then mean that other departments in the government are therefore eliminated from any responsibility. In any case, all destinations are at one point or another faced with the issue of attracting consumers. Destinations management organisations are seen to be the ultimate solution. Pike (2008) also suggests that the main role of destination management organisations is to promote and uphold the competitiveness of a…show more content…
These factors have a huge influence on travel purchases which also lends to the DMO having strong competitive advantage. However, even though online marketing permits DMO’s to understand consumers’ needs and wants at all times, it can still be difficult to measure the success of internet marketing strategies and what income they provide. Destination management organisations need to understand what consumers want, who their target market is and from there they can then build a suitable strategy. Using social media in this context would give them their target group’s demographics, such as age, location, gender, race and even their

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