Petrolbom Digital Case Study

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Introduction Objective of Study We take a look at the workings of a digital marketing company. The company is operating in the ever changing industry of technology, internet and marketing. Who is Petrolbom Digital? “Petrolbom Digital is an innovative and creative digital marketing agency based in Joburg. We are crazy about digital and love producing awesome work that achieves your brand’s vision online by marrying creativity, passion, insight and strategy.” This statement taken from their corporate profile indicates their services within the media and marketing sphere. Petrolbom Digital was founded in 2011 by 5 professionals within the marketing and design sphere after a year 3 of the founders decided to exit the company because of the lack of growth. The 2 remaining founders decided to market…show more content…
• Programmers – Individuals that converts the images and ideas created by the team and brings it into the digital realm. The Simple transformation model of a Digital Marketing and Media agency CURRENT SITUATION QUALITY Petrolbom Digital takes quality performance seriously. In the services industry a company is only as good as the service they render. The better the service the higher the company’s reputation/ brand image is in the public. The staff is highly skilled in multiple languages of programming, and well versed in the different online platforms. This knowledge helps Petrolbom to better service the needs of their clients.

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