Monster Youngster Case Study

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2.0 Factors That Cause “Monster Youngster” According to Abd Wahab Kassim (n.d), the rise in social deviance among adolescents can be viewed from various aspects. Throughout 1995, 4012 adolescents (remanded in prison and Henry Gurney School) were involved in crimes where 96.2% were male adolescents. The phenomenon is rather alarming and should not be viewed lightly as there are more male detainees in rehabilitation centres and under remand. Although there is an increase in the number of male adolescents involved in criminal misconduct, statistics show that the involvement of female juveniles in crime has also increased 161.5% from 325 cases in 1974 to 850 cases in 1995. Abd Wahab Kassim (n.d) added, the statistics of the Prison Department of…show more content…
However, parents nowadays are too busy with work and certain parents will leave their children with their maids or at a day care centre. The worst scenario is parents let their children on their own. This may cause the children lack of parent’s affection and feel they are being neglected by their parents. So, this may lead the children to do something to seek attention from other people. They also might make a mistake in their decision and action because they do not get any guidance from their busy parents. For instance, our country was shaken by the news about a fire that happened in Darul Ittifaqiah tahfiz that caused the death of 23 people. It was done by a group of seven boys, aged between 11 to18 with a detailed planning. So, when we looked through their family background, we get to know that their parents are working at factory or night market days and nights. They are busy to maintain their family financial till they unintentionally neglect their children and do not know what have be done by their children behind their…show more content…
This can be achieved through the internalisation and practice of religious values as every religion demands its followers to do well and to avoid all evils. Based on the experience with and observation of juvenile detainees, the Prison Department of Malaysia found superficial religious knowledge to be a contributing factor to juvenile misconduct, where 80% of the juveniles have a weak foundation in religious knowledge, 18% have secondary level religious education and 2% tertiary level religious education (Abd Wahab Kassim, n.d.). Lack of religious education can make people life miserable because they do not follow a truth path. Every religion teaches their believer to have a good manner and be a good humankind. So, when a person lack of religious education, they cannot differentiate which way or action they should choose. So, they tend to choose a wrong path. The same thing can be applied in the situation of the youth who involved in delinquency. They lack in religious education and they tend to involve in bully, murder, rape and so on. They may not know what are they doing is wrong. This thing happened because nobody cares about their religious education or nobody in their surrounding practices the religion

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