Three Perspectives Of Learning

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Introduction Learning plays an important role in every human being. It actually improves the way on how we deal with the daily challenges of our lives, both personally and at work. Learning can take place anywhere or anytime in different ways. And to further explore it, a lot of researchers have come up with different theories in learning. So in connection to that, I have examined three perspectives of learning in the scholarly articles written by Wenger (2000), Engestrom (2001) and Zimmerman (2000). This essay begins with a brief description of the three articles about learning. To start with, let me describe the work of Wenger (2000) who developed the concept of community of practice and systems of learning by which learning takes place…show more content…
In addition, Zimmerman also mentioned that the beliefs of self-efficacy have also displayed convergent legitimacy in influencing such key guides of academic motivation such as level of effort, emotional reactions, persistence, and choice of activities. It also allows the students to inspire their learning through self-monitoring, self-regulatory processes as goal setting, strategy use and self-evaluation (Zimmerman, 2000). Although research studies have proven for decades that self-efficacy is no doubt a predictor of students’ learning and motivation, it is vital to note that it is readily influenced by four types of experience such as enactive attainment, vicarious experience, verbal persuasion and physiological states (Zimmerman,…show more content…
Let me first begin with self-efficacy which will help improve the employees’ job performance as well as achieve the organization’s goal. It can also be used as a tool to motivate the employees. Hence, I would say that self-efficacy should not be neglected but rather be considered in the training design process right from the start in conducting the needs assessment up to selecting the training program which should be structured with the goal of boosting each employee’s self-efficacy. We can also adapt the theory of communities of practice and social learning sytems by generating tools where knowledge can be shared and access in the workplace. A venue where professionals can socially engaged themselves and find belongingness and identity. It can be online bulletin board or social networking and many more. The transfer of skills and knowledge should also be strengthen and it could be done through succession planning. And lastly, the influence that expansive learning could bring to Human Resource Development is that learning can be achieved through team effort. Thus, the training and development people should organize programs and events that would develop the organization’s team

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