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INTRODUCTION: Many of the workers across the globe are exposed to risks at their working places that resulted disability or ill health. Hazardous conditions like handling heavy loads, breathing in dusts, being exposed to noise, vibration, using of different chemicals and working with animals cause different occupational health problems for many. Sometimes symptoms can take years to develop and in other cases this can result in premature death. Many of those in the industry do not consult their doctor unless seriously ill and so levels of ill health are unclear. In developing countries where work is becoming increasingly mechanized, a number of work process have been developed that treat workers as tools in production, putting their health…show more content…
Certain species of fungi produce very toxic toxins, which can be found in agricultural materials and in the air of animal houses. Endotoxins, produced by certain bacteria are a potent risk to respiratory organs. Materials harvested for animal feed may contain moulds, actionbacteria, and bacteria, especially when stored wet. Materials of animal origin such as hair, dander, skin debris from cows, pigs, poultry and dust particles from flour also give rise to a risk of occupational disease. Storage mites are very allergenic for humans and the agricultural environment is suitable for their growth. Workers at risk include e.g. animal handlers, grain handlers, root crop workers, mushroom workers and veterinarians and the tasks where risks are obvious are numerous: animal tending, manure handling, grain grinding, grain harvesting etc. Noise related risks, especially after the introduction of mechanization in the agriculture. Causes of noise in agriculture include: mobile machinery like tractors, harvest forages and Other work equipments like Chain saws and livestock like in livestock sheds. Exposure to loud noise can cause permanent hearing damage. Damage can involve loss of hearing ability and people may also suffer a permanent sensation of noises or ringing in the

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