One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Relationship Between Good And Evil

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Throughout the entirety of the novel, the theme of the power to choose resonate in the Steinbeck’s book as characters struggle internally on this concept. Particularly, Steinbeck focuses on this thematic perspective to underscore humanity’s gift of selecting one’s path in life and not surrender helplessly to the depth of evil. In the book, Lee says that the Hebrew word timshel “is the most important word in the world” (Steinbeck 303) meaning in English “Thou mayest” (Steinbeck 303). Here, this quote supports the theme by confirming that one’s actions are ultimately controlled by one’s choice. Recognizing the significance of the word, Lee also states that choice “makes a man great” (Steinbeck 303) even in his “weakness and his filth… he still has great choice” (Steinbeck 303). Specifically, Steinbeck acknowledges that one can choose his actions and pursue it to reach a certain goal in the end which again demonstrates the theme of choosing between good and evil. Essentially, Steinbeck’s novel asserts that one has a choice…show more content…
The poem points out that good and evil “is more than black and white” (2) meaning there is grey features surrounding life. Like in the story, Aron cannot fully grasp that life contains more than in terms of good and evil and that it brings “death to those who fail” (16) to recognize it. Indeed, “good and evil form our center” (25) where the poem mentions “they’re human nature’s architect” (27) relating to the novel where the characters struggle between choices. The battle between these two struggling “at human nature core” (5) relates thematically to the novel due to the intuitiveness the poem exhibits which basically covers the main purpose of the novel. From the internal struggles plaguing the main characters, choosing which side to fight on is ultimately their responsibility and personal accountability in

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