The Hero In Erik Golder's Tangerine By Edward Bloor

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Imagine it is dark, and you're not able to see anything. You are blind and clueless in a dangerous world. But you are with your family, your sweet, sweet family. They will look after you, and will be your eyesight. Then, you feel a presence behind you. A figure shadowing on your back. You feel a hot breath, one a demon or a dragon would breathe. You scream in terror, not knowing who or what the monster was. You then hear the laugh, the joy, of your brother. He was the predator, and you were the prey. He's laughing at your fear. How could someone be so scary, creepy even? Well, Erik Fisher, from the novel Tangerine by Edward Bloor, did a cruel act almost exact to this situation. Erik is so two-faced, so creepy, and so overly forceful,…show more content…
Throughout many acts in the novel, Erik Fisher pretends to be like an angel, even though his true form inside is a demon. A tragic incident that happened is the death of one of the characters, Mike Costello. When Erik tells his mother of this, he explains Mike's death in a solemn matter, like he really cared about him and feels very sorry. As he is alone, he's laughing, laughing at Mike's death. He starts making fun of him, only revealing his heartless behavior to himself, and his selfish friend Arthur. Edward Bloor quotes, "They were laughing, I stepped closer to the doors, and I could hear Erik saying, 'Did you see his hair? Did you see the side of his head? He got Mohawked, man!'" How can Erik act sorry in front of his mom, but can laugh by himself? How can Erik lie about his sympathy for one's death? His two-faced personality is just horrible. Unlike Erik, his brother, Paul, is a very honest person, who acts one way all the time, and tells the truth and only the truth. One example of Paul's honest behavior is him ratting out a group of boys to his principal, and a little while telling one of the boys, Tino, that he did this. Most people would have kept that secret to themself to avoid getting in trouble. But Paul is a truly honest person, and one can tell that he believes that being honest is more important than his own needs, therefore making him a very selfless…show more content…
Many reasons make up the fact that Erik is a controlling monster. One thing Erik does, again when he was a young kid, was force his friend Castor to do something horrible to Paul. Erik was holding open Paul's eyes, while Castor spray painted in them. This is what caused Paul to need his thick glasses. Another thing Erik did, now older, was force his friend Arthur to hit Luis Cruz with a blackjack. Luis Cruz came to fight Erik, because he was making fun of his little brother, Tino. Erik told Arthur, like the Devil would tell a demon, to hit Luis over the head, when he wasn't looking. Later that week, Luis Cruz died from this incident. An aneurysm exploded in his brain. How could Erik force two of his friends to do such awful things? Arthur and Castor were probably bad kids before Erik came into their life, but maybe Erik's forceful attitude turned their hearts rotten, rotten enough to nearly blind a little kid and even kill someone. Erik has forced his sidekicks to do awful things, which makes him a true villain. On the other hand, Paul is a very respectful kid, and lets people do what they want to do, and doesn't force anything. One thing he does throughout the whole book is not tell his dad off about caring too much about "The Erik Fisher Football Dream". He keeps this opinion to himself, because he does not want to offend him. He doesn't mention to

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