Agricultural Industry In Jamaica

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The Jamaican Agricultural industry was one of the best in the Caribbean. According to the nation’s encyclopedia, “the Jamaican agricultural industry provides quarter of the country with employment. Therefore, helps in building the economy.” But there are also problems that are involved in the agricultural industry which can be improved. Six of these factors are climate change, poor infrastructure, public education, population growth rate, poor weed control, and poor pest control technology. If these small issues are being improved, the industry will be much better than how it is. Climate change is one of these major problems that affect the growth of the agricultural industry. Climate change has an effect on the agricultural sector in Jamaica,…show more content…
Statics has shown that the Jamaican population growth has being increased. The current population is 2,810,225 as of Sunday march 12, 2017. Therefore because there is a growth in population the number of infrastructure is being decreased because the number of persons that is being born utilizes most of the infrastructure, and thus the country’s economy is being decreased due to the low level of infrastructure that citizens should use .When the population grows, job are also lessen. The agricultural industry is also being affected drastically. This happens because when the population grows more infrastructures has to build up to accommodate the incoming population. The agricultural sector will not be able to accommodate so many people so fast. Therefore the cost living will increases and the population suffers because they do not have the amount of money to assist their self with sufficient food and the thing that are required to survive and thus causing some of these people to die or get ill. These problems could be reduced if the number of person who is having babies gets a job before they start to have children or get in involved in agricultural activities such as farming so that when the baby is born such person will have enough things to provide for the child. Another way in which these issues could be prevented is, when the country makes money instead of importing so many…show more content…
Poor infrastructure in buildings and roads has a great impact on agriculture. Poorly constructed buildings cause major damage during natural disasters such as hurricane. Poorly constructed buildings are being torn apart and blown to different areas damaging crops such as bananas trees and fruits trees. Also ground based crops and animals. Which cause an increase in landslides. Roads are a main source of transpiration. And poorly constructed (bad) roads help to aid in transpiration of products and due that it damages crop on their way to the market resulting in crops being sold at lower cost than expected due to damage. When this happen farmers will make a lost and thus causing them not to make much income because maybe just the money that they had used to buy the seeds or the young animal they had made back. Some farmer will maybe get confused and leave the farming industry, and therefore that will reduce the number of food that should be produced in the agricultural sector and also increase poverty in the country because such family maybe their only income was from farming. Also, those farmers who had made a lost will have to wait for a period of time before their produce will grow up back. So during that time they will have to look to somewhere else for an income. Also, due to poor infrastructure work will reduce in the country. In helping to improve these issues buildings should be

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