How Did The Nazis Change The School System

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In January 1933 when the Nazis came to power they initiated a campaign to indoctrinate all facets of Nazi society to the party views. A large portion of their efforts was focused towards children. They attempted to indoctrinate them by altering all areas of their lives, for example they changed the school system, changed universities and set up a large number of youth organisations. Therefore we need to assess how successful their indoctrination methods were on children. There were multiple ways the Nazis altered the school system, such as bringing in new teachers, changing the curriculum and changing which subjects boys and girls could take. They also set up a variety of new Nazi elite schools. In April 1933 about 500 teachers were purged…show more content…
For example around 15% of all university professors were fired in the first 6 months of the Nazi government (20 of which were Nobel Prize winners), university professors also had to go on indoctrination camps just like the regular teachers. The Nazis not only placed strict controls over who could become a professor but also who could actually go to university. All university students had be members of the DS (Deutsche Studentenscahft) which was the Nazi’s student league; they also had to undergo compulsory military training, PT and indoctrination as well as 4 months of labour service and 2 months serving in an SA camp. All this compulsory work had a very negative effect on the pupil’s results, Albert Einstein once said Germany “lost the world leadership in natural science which she had previously enjoyed”. Universities also had to make their subjects conform to the Nazi ideas. These methods were again at indoctrinating the university students to the Nazi ideals and they then became some of the most extreme Nazi’s, even as early as 1931 60% of university students were members of the DS. All this came at a price though which was the dumbing down of

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